Importing the Wines of Southern Italy

This once plentiful variety almost became extinct before it was rescued by a few caring growers who remembered its exceptional quality and understood its true potential.

In ancient times, this indigenous Puglian variety was part of the typical "field blend" of the Brindisi area. Most farmers would plant 2 rows of Susumaniello for every 4 of Negroamaro along with a few rows of Malvasia Nera. Susumaniello is a black grape, probably of Dalmatian origin, with very thick tanic skins . It has good acidity along with intense flavors and aromatic strength.

     Susumaniello's unique problem was that as the vines age, yield deminishes. By the time a vine reached 15 years of age, it was often pulled out and replaced.During a period when quantity trumped quality, Susumaniello  almost lost out.  But today, a few devoted wineries like Tenute Rubino and Masseria La Veli are resurrecting the grape and producing award winning wines of astounding quality.

Susumaniello (Su-Su-man-yellow)

"Perhaps the rarest red wine you've never tasted"